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Series: Royal Vows - T01

Tropes: Fake dating, slow burn, marriage of convenience, age gap, royalty, South Asian couple

Details : 550 pages (paperback) / 117k words / 9-10h reading time

Publication date: May 31, 2024

Kaï's dreams of freedom are shattered when tragedy makes her heiress to the throne of Estia, a country in South Asia. Although it is customary for her to be married before being crowned, the court makes an exception on condition that she accepts the suitor offered to her.

The only catch: the suitor in question is repugnant to her, and Kaï doesn't like to play by the rules.
to the rules.

In vain! Fate is on the march and she has no choice but to accept...

Resigned, Kaï sneaks off to drown her sorrows at the Élite counter. There, she runs into Messiah Saint-Georges, a proud, arrogant duke who takes pleasure in breaking all societal codes.

Although she recognizes him from their adventure in New York, the future queen has no memory of that night. As for Messiah, he realizes that his first mistake was to succumb to the princess' charms...

And as fate would have it, he needs her and her royal power. So they make a fair deal...

But the rules are clear: Saint-Georges won't give up anything that isn't in the contract.

Especially not to her.


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